Friday, August 2, 2013

"A sassy blast": Rebelle now listed online

As noted by others like Basic Nerf, Adult Fans of Nerf, MyLastDart, etc., many of the Rebelle blasters/products have been put up on online listings for HasbroToyShop, Toys "R" Us, and Target. Not only do we now have stock images of the blasters and their packaging (as well as a better look at some accessories like the Sweet Revenge holster), we've also been given official descriptions of products from Nerf directly.

While I'm happy to see stock images finally of the products, I couldn't help but groan slightly at the official descriptions... the constant mention of a girl's appearance and being "stylish and fabulous" is frustrating. I was hoping they would stray away from this (as I discussed in the Rebelle teaser video post), but it seems they're sticking to their guns through and through.
"a sassy blast" is probably the best thing I've ever seen written in a Nerf product description.
Whoever wrote that deserves a promotion.

Hopefully with things being listed online on HasbroToyShop, this means that the Rebelle website will be launched soon.


  1. I agree, the girls look like they're 10-14? So younger girls 8+ are to look up to these role models. I do feel they are being selective about what type of model they use. Sorry kid.

  2. I don't think it's so much the models they're using; everyone nowadays is picky about who the "face" of their brand is. It's moreso the fact that they're focusing on how the blasters look rather than performance-wise. I like the aesthetic Rebelle has, but they advertise the series as accessories to one's appearance rather than blasters that match the power of their "male/unisex counterparts".

  3. I'm wondering why Zombiestrike doesn't have it's own website yet?

  4. Where do you get these pictures? And they were looking for girls that look like catnis from the hunger games

    1. If you mean the top image, Toys "R" Us has some stock images of Rebelle blasters with some young female models on specific pages of products.

      The second image is just showing off snippets from the official descriptions of Rebelle products.