Friday, August 9, 2013

Retail adventure: Quick Target visit

Today I went out with my sister and grandmother for breakfast. While we were out and after we went shopping, I asked to take a quick swing by a nearby Target (not the same one as last) to see what they had and was pleasantly surprised with my findings.

A RapidStrike proudly displaying on the outer edge of the Nerf aisle.

A Revonix360! I was happy to see this in stock.

Like my last post, there was a deco Proton there as well. Didn't see a deco Vigilon though, so I'm still wondering whether or not the blank shelf space I saw at the previous Target was a deco Vigilon or not.

The new Range P.A.K. Didn't get a good look at it, sadly.

Mega Darts and a Mission App mount.

The big, bad(?) Centurion, finally!

The moment I've been waiting for: Zombie Strike products. A Hammeshot...

...and a Sledgefire! Not seen are some of the decorative Zombie Strike darts... as noted by a member on the Nerf Wiki, the darts that come with the blasters don't have the little Z-logo on them. I suppose that's what the Target website meant by "Deco Darts"?

A Blazin' Bow. Completely forgot this was a thing, actually.

In terms of Buzz Bee, they were carrying that Extreme Air Max 6 blaster, which I've only seen pictures of until now.

Also there was this blaster... I don't think I've seen anything about it online yet. Looks like a repackaged Panther to me.
This Target had a lot more than the last one I visited. I also forgot to take a picture of this Buzz Bee foam sword that Basic Nerf made a post about a while back. I'm hoping this was just a case of getting things in stock instead of my local Target just sucking. Still nothing Rebelle-wise in my Targets, but at least we're starting to see some of the Zombie Strike products down here.

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