Saturday, August 3, 2013

Retail adventure: Toys "R" Us, Walmart, and Target

Today I took a trip to my local Target, Walmart, and Toys "R" Us. There's been reports of blasters showing up in stores, so I went in with hopes high and some money. Here's what I saw on my adventure.

But first, a quick song to set the mood.

As a reminder, I'm based out of Southern California (more south than Basic Nerf).
(TRU) N-Strike Elite Mission App Tactical Rail Mount. The Rebelle version wasn't there.
(TRU) Across the way from the mount, Rebelle Vision Gear!
(TRU) A Guardian Crossbow! Wasn't expecting one of these. Also below, N-Strike Elite Mega Darts, but no Centurion to go with them.
(TRU) A couple Pink Crush blasters.
(TRU) A lone Firefly... a moment of silence, as this is probably the last Firefly I'll ever see in stores.
(TRU) Walking back down the aisle, I noticed this bad boy!
Other finds at Toys "R" Us were the new Cyber Hoop (didn't take a picture because eh) and some night vision binoculars that I don't think are new. Clearly they have a lot of the new stuff in stock... but no Sweet Revenge. Sad day.

(Walmart) An Elite Spectre! Wasn't expecting this to be here.
This Walmart I went to is always a bit of a sad case when it comes to their Nerf stock. I checked the tags to see if they had Stockades, but I didn't see any. Not seen is another Spectre box behind the one shown.

(Target) New deco Proton!
(Target) Elite Alpha Troopers, but I guess that's not so new anymore.
I was disappointed to not see any Zombie Strike or Rebelle products, or even the Centurion or RapidStrike on shelves. Below the Proton was a tag for a Vigilon; I'd like to assume that it's the new deco re-release.

As you can see, my adventure started off with excitement and then dwindled down to nothing. I had high hopes of getting the Sweet Revenge Kit, but those were shot down with a bang. I'm going to try and go again sometime next week, so perhaps I'll have another post sometime soon.


  1. Get the Firefly, when you go back. By: TMG

  2. I agree with Tek Domination, buy the Firefly, it needs a good home