About & Contact

Call me Jet. I'm a 21 year old who resides in Disneyland Southern California. I began Nerfing in 2006 with the release of the Longshot CS-6. My interest faded until August 2010 when I joined the Nerf Wiki; since then I've gotten back into the hobby. I'm awful at modification, but it doesn't keep me from appreciating others' modded blasters.

Other interests of mine include animated shows and films, electronic music, video games, illustration and concept art, Disney theme parks, giant mechs, jackets and scarves, and ducks.

If you'd like to contact me, follow the e-mail below:
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Compared to other Nerfers, I have a very small arsenal. This is mainly due to other interests that I have.

I do prefer smaller blasters over larger ones. This is mainly due to me being a tiny person, having tiny hands, and not being able to lug around a huge blaster everywhere.
  • One Longshot CS-6 (blue) (out of order)
  • One Rapid Fire 20 (pre-N-Strike) (out of order)
  • Three Maverick REV-6s (clear, yellow, yellow) (clear out of order)
  • One Jolt EX-1
  • One Alpha Trooper CS-18
  • One Triad EX-3
  • One Firestrike (N-Strike Elite)

Other projects

I serve as an author, editor, and graphic designer for Nerf Mods & Reviews. If you have questions concerning NMR, please shoot a message to us through the Submit page.

I am an administrator and bureaucrat on the Nerf Wiki. If you have questions concerning the wiki, feel free to either leave a message on my talk page or use the e-mail provided above.