Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Art and fresh air!: Rebelle teaser video

Seems Nerf's finally putting some promotion out for the new Rebelle series (thanks to Nerf Centerbury for posting this).

I am in LOVE with this video. It's on par with other Nerf teaser videos/commercials, complete with slow-motion shots and upbeat pop-punk music (I guess you could call it that). The girls in the video show the same "warface" that the guys do in other Nerf videos, which is fantastic. I'm so glad that they didn't go all-out with the whole "fashionable, collective" thing that they were discussing when Rebelle was first announced. That's what I was worried about and I am very happy to see that they are not completely following through with that angle.

Another thing I like is that this video is set in an open area and not in a closed factory. I really do like the Nerf commercials, I think they're made very well, but seeing people run around with blasters in a forest is just awesome. Of course, the forest thing plays along with the whole Hunger Games thing, but honestly at this point I welcome it openly.

Definitely has the Hunger Games
thing going for it. She looks a
lot like Katniss Everdeen!
I also especially like the art that displays alongside the blaster and its name... I just wish they had this somewhere on the packaging! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the packaging that Indigo Studios does for Nerf products, but with the Zombie Strike products having illustrated box art, it makes me curious about how other Nerf products would look with illustrated packaging.

As far as new information goes, the video doesn't show anything new. However, the Wildshot finally has an official name, the Sweet Revenge, which matches along with the kit it comes packaged in.

The Rebelle website will be hosted here in the future; for now, it redirects to this teaser video. Here's hoping it updates soon with more information on the series.

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  1. I showed my girlfriend a picture of the Sweet Revenge and she freaked out "Oh my god I love it!!!" so I am getting it for her when it comes out... :-)