Thursday, July 11, 2013

Obligatory introduction post

Every blog has its start.

I've been considering running my own Nerf blog for a while now. I've attempted to run blogs in the past on a multitude of topics, but they were never serious projects of mine.

I've been into Nerfing since 2006. At first I was simply your wide-eyed innocent, silently reading about Nerf news on blogs and interesting modifications on multiple Nerf-related forums. My interest slowly died during my final years of high school and first year of college. It perked up in 2010 as I slowly started getting back into the hobby/interest. Since then, I've been involved with it, both offline and online.

I'm hoping for this blog to serve as a source of Nerf news, as well as a home to my opinions and stories. I don't plan to leave from Nerf Mods & Reviews at all; if anything, this may act as a supplement to that of sorts.

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  1. Hey Jet, welcome to the NIC blog family :) Look forward to your opinion and pov on things!