Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nerf at SDCC!

Today was the first day of San Diego Comic Con. I attented (and will be attending all four days), and I managed to snap some pictures of the new Zombie Strike products, which includes some not mentioned in io9's reveal. Because this post will be long, click read more to check out the pictures.

Walking up to the booth...

Hammershot in packaging.

Sledgefire in packaging.
The Sidestrike!
...and its holster! Four darts appear in the image (I should have gotten another from the side, perhaps I will do so tomorrow).
The Crossfire Bow!
Holy moly I apologize for this awful picture of the Fusefire.
The Ricochet.
And here we have the target set that was announced in the io9 post... is that a Zombie Strike Jolt I see? With a clippable dart holder?
A Zombie Holster. Lets you store ammo and whatnot. (14.99 USD) (Release: August 2013)
The holster in action.

Z-Bombz: a Zombie Strike grenade/football of sorts. (most likely available August 2013, didn't seem to get the price tag for it... :T)
The Zombie Starter Kit. Looks like it comes packaged with a Z-Bomb and a bandana. (14.99 USD) (Release: August 2013)
Zombie Bandana: definitely pandering to that HvZ crowd. (4.99 USD) (Release: August 2013)

A Zombie Strike machete! Now that's what I'm talking about! (14.99 USD) (Release: August 2013)
Got ten free Zombie Strike darts at the booth! Nobody was in line, either. Of course this was relatively early in the morning when I came over. Not to mention, I don't think these are exactly SDCC-exclusive... Came with a coupon barcode for when Zombie Strike's released, but I'm sure I'm not supposed to share that.
A quick peek back at the display, it seems that the Zombie Strike Blade's actually called the Strikeblade.
The wall next to the display. I suppose all of this art'll be on the packaging for each blaster.
As you can see, I'm not exactly the best photographer in the world... but I hope this'll do for now. I can take more pictures if needed/requested.

I was disappointed to see that Hasbro wasn't offering a firing range of sorts for the blasters, but considering that the guys at the Marshmallow Shooter booth were telling me that they made a mess a few years ago, this might have been for the better... I could see a lot of young kids firing at siblings and into the crowds instead of at the designated targets.